Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Research Area.

Marty, Insp Cryptid, Cari and I went out to one of our favorite research areas today. We took some offerings and checked the place out for any new Activity. The "Summer" bedding area can be seen very clearly now. I got some video that I will have up on You Tube in the morning. In the mean time,
Here are a few shots we got today.

You can always click image for larger image.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Evidence?

Marty and I hit the woods this afternoon to check out a couple of our favorite spots.And to both of us, it looks like something is pissed off.And I do mean, "Ticked off." It looks like a mini tornado went through there tearing up all small limbs and trees. We know for a fact it has never looked like this before. NOT this much Debris. Ever. I have a few shots here that I'm going to upload for you. But the real kicker here, will be the last shot. As it is dead center of all this debris. The whole time we wee walking today, I had the feeling of being watched. I kept snapping random photos. But nothing showed up.

Click on any image for a larger image.

 Now this next one really caught our eye. As it is placed perfectly center of all the debri. Do you think we have angered something? Let us know what you think.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dead BigFoot a True Story

I myself,am going to check this out. I thought some of you might like to as well.


Actually, Marty, Cari and I (Lisa) watched this together.We are three of the CCC founders.
We had quite the discussion after the show. Where Inspector Cryptid dropped in, just in time to hear our take on it. (Our other CCC Founder)

Some of this movie, really stood out to me as being plausible. I mean, I myself would probably shoot if this thing was coming toward me, without breaking stride. That is the fight or flight that we all humans have.BUT, To shoot a second one? That made no sense to me at all. Not even with his explanation, did that make sense.
SO, with that being said. I don't want to ruin the show for you. Give it a watch, then come back here and tell us what YOU think.