Saturday, March 29, 2014

Eye Shine

Hi Guys! This is Lisa from CCC. And I want to share a little something with you today.I know some of you have heard the term "eye shine". But for those that haven't, Eye shine is a visible effect of the eye. When light shines into the eye of an animal the pupil appears to glow. Eye shine can be seen in many animals.You can create eye shine In flash photographs and In low light, a hand-held flashlight is also sufficient to produce eye shine.
Being a Big Foot YouTube junkie,I have seen this on numerous occasions with Big Foot photographs and video.
So when I finally got the images of my own eye shine. I though it was pretty neat. We knew something was close to us that night. From the whoops and knocks we were hearing. Just after a rock was thrown, I snapped off a couple of pictures. This is when i got my eye shine. Pretty awesome, huh? Well once I got these images uploaded to my computer, I did a little trick that my dear friend Brandon Hudgens taught me. (Brandon is the founder of our paranormal team Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation.) I took the images and made negatives out of them, just to see what else would show up. And something did! Now take a look at these images.( You may click on each image to get a larger view.)The first two are originals. The next four have been marked for you.

Now these next images, I have enlarged so you can see just where the eye shine is located.

Now, with the negative image, we see what created my Big Foot eye shine. 

A spider!! LOL.
So it looks like technically, I have butt shine. So guys, double check those images. And don't be so quick to accept what is called eye shine.

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