Book The Crew

The Carolina Cryptid Crew would love to help out with your next event! 

if you would like the crew to come out and speak at your next event, just let us know.
We require one table for set up.
Approximately 8 chairs
We will need an outlet or 2 drop cords near our seating area.
We can fill time slots of one hour, two hours, or four hours.
We start off by telling a little about ourselves.
We show and discuss evidence that we have captured
We discuss our own personal experiences.
Then we open the floor to questions and answers.
We end by allowing any one wanting to join to fill out the initial forms.

If you want to book the crew. Just drop us an email with the subject being "Book The Crew"
Maill to carolinacryptidcrew at

This service is always free for local events and venues.
However, out of state inquiries may be asked to make a small donation.
This is always available for discussion during initial booking.

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