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If you are interested in becoming a member of Carolina Cryptid Crew.Please answer all of the questions below. Once your form is received and reviewed. You will be contacted to set up a date we can meet with you.

No one under 21 years of age will be accepted into the Carolina Cryptid Crew. No exceptions.


Right click to high lite the following questions, left click and choose copy. Paste this into an email. Then answer all questions.
Email to


1. Full Name

2. Email address

3.Age and date of birth

4. Cell phone or home phone (for our records.)

5.Do you take any prescription drugs on a regular basis?

6 Where did you hear about us?

7. Have you been on a Cryptid team before?

8.If so, which one.

9.What got you interested in Cryptids?

10. Will you be able to travel with the team to investigate sightings?

11. Will you be able to do overnight trips during the Summer? (Camping)

12. Do you understand that You will be expected to show up at meetings and public appearances from time to time repeated failure to do this can have your membership revoked?

13. Do you understand that, If you can not make a meeting or a training for any reason., you MUST contact us at least three days beforehand?(We may need to arrange for someone to fill in for you.)

14. Do you understand that you will be required to have your own camera, flashlight, and notebook at all meetings, training and Investigations?

15. Do you understand that this is a professional organization and we expect you to dress and present yourself in such a manner?

16. Do you understand that all memberships are under a three-month probation period? Where at this time we will inform you if you will  be a permanent member of CCC.

Thank you for inquiring about membership with us! We look forward to meeting with you in the future.


The Carolina Cryptid Crew (CCC) will NOT take members of the general public on expeditions. You MUST become a member first. The CCC does not charge a member fee  so, unfortunately, we do not have the funds to feed and gear up those who want to hit the field with us.

Members must provide their own transportation, food, camping gear, and equipment and whatever else they think they may need for an expedition lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 days (attendees will know the number of days in advance). The CCC is a No-Kill organization and all in attendance must agree to this policy. Members  must also agree to adhere to our guidelines, for safety, for themselves and everyone else in the group. 

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