Saturday, January 2, 2016

What a mess!

I usually don't get mixed up in what I like to call the "Bigfoot Politics". I do my own thing with my team and let the rest do theirs.But recently there has been a few things going on in the Bigfoot community that has brought a lot of negative attention. We are all adults and we are all responsible for our actions. If you do something wrong and it gets brought to light, claim it, own it and move on. Don't point your finger at anyone else when you are the one that screwed up. We are all supposed to be adults and we are all supposed to be researchers. We should be working together building each other up instead of wasting time trying to tear each other down. Nothing will be gained by trying to destroy another researcher but a lot can be lost. I feel like there have been some things that have been done wrong. And it appears that some things were done out of spite or jealousy. What will that accomplish? Who actually benefits from this? No one. But the community suffers as a whole. We already have to stand up against non-believer scrutiny then something like this happens, we all end up looking like a bunch of dumb asses for a while. I myself don't like that. But when members of the Bigfoot community take it upon themselves to drop all morals and ethics for the sake of hurting another researcher, everyone's credibility in the community suffers.

This is just my own opinion (Melissa George)> And does not reflect the opinions of any of my team members.

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Mimi Zimm said...

I agree with you 100%!