Thursday, June 11, 2015

Strange Yells

Last night, at roughly nine O'clock, we were sitting out in the yard enjoying the cooler evening temps when we heard this strange scream come from the woods across the road. My dogs don't usually pay too much attention to the night sounds, but this had them all going crazy. This yell was unlike anything I have ever heard before. Marty, Chris and I listened to it for a long time. We could tell it was not stationary, it was moving. The three of us walked up the driveway to see if we could hear it better and maybe tell exactly where it was coming from. Of course, I grabbed the audio. I did capture the yells. But my dogs are also going nuts. I am undecided on whether to post this audio or not. The tape has us discussing what this could be and wasn't really meant to be shared. But they yells are unreal. Let me know if you think I should post it! Thanks.

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